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Drum Products:

Zildjian Brushes
Price: $14.00
Brand new pair Zildjian Brushes....
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stock # 7004 
Brand New Zildjian T-Shirt-Black-Large
Price: $14.99
New Classic Logo Black Zildjian T-Shirt...
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stock # 7003 
Zildjian cymbal polish
Price: $10.00
Brand new Zildjian cymbal polish....
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stock # 7001 
Zildjian 7a Drum Sticks
Price: $7.50
Brand New Zildjian 7a drumsticks...
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stock # 6999 
Versonic Very Thin Drumsticks
Price: $14.00
Brand New pair of gold Verisonics drumsticks...
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stock # 6998 
Mapex QR Series Drumset
Price: $499.99
Brand new Mapex QR5254TC drumset shipped directly to you from the factory....
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stock # 6006 
M series Mapex drum set
Price: $699.00
Great sounding Mapex drumset is in great shape and has never left yhe store or been moved since we got it. It has been used to give lessons on, but the heads have no dents and are in good shape....
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stock # 6005 
Mapex Drumset
Price: $inquire
Contact us for price and availability....
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stock # 6004 
Coda Drumset
Price: $375.00
Brand new Coda drumset complete with hardware, seat, and cymbals....
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stock # 6003 
Mapex M Birch Drumset
Price: $Sold - email us to order a new one $899.00
Slightly used M birch Mapex drumset....
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stock # 6002 
Orion series drumset in coffeeburst
Price: $3,000 Sold
Brand new Mapex Orion series drumset with custom sizes and smoky chrome hardware. The ultimate drumset !?!...
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stock # 6001 
Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer ( includes CD )
Price: $24.95
Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin....
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stock # 5009 
Advanced Rock Drumming by Roy Burns
Price: $14.95
Advanced Rock Drumming complete drumset method....
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stock # 5007 
Rhythmic Patterns by Joe Cusatis
Price: $14.95
Rhythmic Patterns is a great book for drumset. ...
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stock # 5006 
The Drummers Cookbook
Price: $10.95
The Drummers Cookbook By John Pickering. Mel Bay publishing....
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stock # 5004 
13" A Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats
Price: $269.95
Slightly used pair of 13" A Zildjian Hi Hats, includes Free pair of Zildjian 7a sticks. ...
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stock # 3004 
New Zildjian 17' K Custom Hybrid Crash
Price: $259.95
Brand new Zildjian 17' hybrid crash cymbal with FREE shipping and FREE pair of Zildjian 7a sticks....
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stock # 3003 
18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash
Price: $234.95
Demo Model Almost Brand New 18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash includes FREE pair of Black Zildjian 7a sticks....
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stock # 3002 
20" Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride
Price: $299.95
Brand new Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride includes FREE pair of black Zildjian sticks....
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stock # 3001 
Mapex Black Panther Snare
Price: $329.99
Brand New Mapex Black Panther Snare model number BPWT4550WN. Complete walnut shell with smoky black chrome rims & hardware. Size 14 x 5.5....
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stock # 1001