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Mapex QR Series Drumset
Price: $499.99
Brand new Mapex QR5254TC drumset shipped directly to you from the factory....
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stock # 6006 
M series Mapex drum set
Price: $699.00
Great sounding Mapex drumset is in great shape and has never left yhe store or been moved since we got it. It has been used to give lessons on, but the heads have no dents and are in good shape....
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stock # 6005 
Mapex Drumset
Price: $inquire
Contact us for price and availability....
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stock # 6004 
Coda Drumset
Price: $375.00
Brand new Coda drumset complete with hardware, seat, and cymbals....
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stock # 6003 
Mapex M Birch Drumset
Price: $Sold - email us to order a new one $899.00
Slightly used M birch Mapex drumset....
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stock # 6002 
Orion series drumset in coffeeburst
Price: $3,000 Sold
Brand new Mapex Orion series drumset with custom sizes and smoky chrome hardware. The ultimate drumset !?!...
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stock # 6001