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Modified Les Paul
Price: $sold
Brand New Epiphone Les Paul upgraded and modified in our shop......
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stock # 2021 
Johnson Scavenger Bass
Price: $289.00Discontuned
This brand new Johnson 4 string Bass is great for any style of music but it is really well suited for funk....
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stock # 2017 
Vintage Kay arch top jazz guitar
Price: $make offer
great condition eary 50s Kay arch top guitar....
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stock # 2015 
Vintage 1961 Gibson ES_345
Price: $make offer
Rare, Vintage cherry red 1961 ES345 stereo varitone guitar with PAF pickups....
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stock # 2014 
Kona arch top jazz guitar
Price: $inquire
Brand new black Kona jazz guitar with hard case....
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stock # 2013 
Vintage 1956 Gibson ES 225 TD
Price: $4000.00
Amazing condition, All original vintage ES-225-TD with original case....
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stock # 2012 
Dipinto Galaxie 4 Guitar
Price: $699.00
Brand new Dipinto Galaxie 4 guitar with factory hardshell case included....
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stock # 2008 
Vintage 1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean
Price: $4800.00
1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins near mint!...
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stock # 2007 
Vintage 1952 Gibson ES350
Price: $Make Offer
Vintage 1952 Gibson ES350 with Bigsby and hard case....
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stock # 2006 
Behringer Bass Pack
Price: $169.99Discontuned
Brand New Behringer All you need to start playing bass guitar pack....
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stock # 2004 
Dipinto Galaxie 4 Guitar
Price: $Call for price.
Brand new Dipinto Galaxie 4 with hard case....
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stock # 2002 
Ibanez EDB400 Bass Guitar
Price: $sold
Brand new Ibanez EDB Bass Guitar with FREE strap....
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stock # 2000