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Zildjian Brushes
Price: $14.00
Brand new pair Zildjian Brushes....
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stock # 7004 
Brand New Zildjian T-Shirt-Black-Large
Price: $14.99
New Classic Logo Black Zildjian T-Shirt...
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stock # 7003 
Fender 55 Catalog Shirt size Large
Price: $19.99
Brand new Fender Black T shirt...
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stock # 7002 
Zildjian cymbal polish
Price: $10.00
Brand new Zildjian cymbal polish....
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stock # 7001 
Zildjian 7a Drum Sticks
Price: $7.50
Brand New Zildjian 7a drumsticks...
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stock # 6999 
Versonic Very Thin Drumsticks
Price: $14.00
Brand New pair of gold Verisonics drumsticks...
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stock # 6998 
Mapex QR Series Drumset
Price: $499.99
Brand new Mapex QR5254TC drumset shipped directly to you from the factory....
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stock # 6006 
M series Mapex drum set
Price: $699.00
Great sounding Mapex drumset is in great shape and has never left yhe store or been moved since we got it. It has been used to give lessons on, but the heads have no dents and are in good shape....
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stock # 6005 
Mapex Drumset
Price: $inquire
Contact us for price and availability....
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stock # 6004 
Coda Drumset
Price: $375.00
Brand new Coda drumset complete with hardware, seat, and cymbals....
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stock # 6003 
Mapex M Birch Drumset
Price: $Sold - email us to order a new one $899.00
Slightly used M birch Mapex drumset....
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stock # 6002 
Orion series drumset in coffeeburst
Price: $3,000 Sold
Brand new Mapex Orion series drumset with custom sizes and smoky chrome hardware. The ultimate drumset !?!...
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stock # 6001 
Mooer Mod Factory
Price: $77.00
Mooer Mod Factory - Multi Effects Pedal...
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stock # 5123 
Mooer Funky Monkey Auto Wah
Price: $71.00
Mooer Funky Monkey Auto Wah....
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stock # 5122 
DR Green Neon Bass strings 45-105
Price: $25.00
Brand new pack of 45-105 DR Neon Green electric bass guitar strings....
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stock # 5020 
DR Green Neon Guitar Strings NGE11
Price: $8.99
Brand New pack of 11-50 DR Neon Green electric guitar strings....
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stock # 5019 
DR Green Neon Guitar Strings NGE10
Price: $8.99
Brand New pack of 10-46 DR Neon Green electric guitar strings....
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stock # 5018 
DR Green Neon Guitar Strings NGE9
Price: $8.99
Brand New pack of 9-42 DR Neon Green electric guitar strings.....
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stock # 5017 
DR Extra-Life Red Colored Bass Strings
Price: $26.00
Brand new DR Red colored bass strings in medium gauge....
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stock # 5015 
DR Extra-Life Black Colored Bass Strings
Price: $26.00
Brand New DR Black Beauties Black Colored Bass Strings Medium Gauge...
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stock # 5014 
DR Pink colored bass strings medium gauge
Price: $26.00
Brand New DR hot pink colored bass strings ...
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stock # 5013 
DR Hi-Beam MR-45 Bass Strings 45-105
Price: $20.95
Brand New DR Bass Strings Medium Gauge...
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stock # 5012 
Red colored electric guitar strings
Price: $8.49
Set of DR red colored strings for electric guitar....
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stock # 5011 
Blue colored electric guitar strings.
Price: $out of stock
Set of DR blue colored strings for electric guitar....
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stock # 5010 
Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer ( includes CD )
Price: $24.95
Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin....
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stock # 5009 
Funk Bass by Jon Liebman
Price: $19.95
Funk Bass is a great book to learn step by step the way to play funky bass guitar....
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stock # 5008 
Advanced Rock Drumming by Roy Burns
Price: $14.95
Advanced Rock Drumming complete drumset method....
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stock # 5007 
Rhythmic Patterns by Joe Cusatis
Price: $14.95
Rhythmic Patterns is a great book for drumset. ...
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stock # 5006 
Guardian padded gig bag
Price: $42.00
Soft case for electric guitar...
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stock # 5005 
The Drummers Cookbook
Price: $10.95
The Drummers Cookbook By John Pickering. Mel Bay publishing....
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stock # 5004 
Stix Pix
Price: $3.99
Brand new Stix Pix pack of 6....
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stock # 5003 
Dean Markley Blue Steel guitar strings
Price: $6.50
Brand new Dean Markley Blue Steel guitar strings....
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stock # 5002 
Real Book
Price: $29.95
Brand new Real Book in the Key of C....
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stock # 5001 
WELCOME to GUITAR SUPER HERO! We offer deeper discounts on items here than in our ebay store ( no ebay fees ! )
Price: $149.95
Jekell & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive. This is one of our favorite distortion pedals !...
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stock # 4026 
Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive VT911
Price: $49.99 discontinued
Brand new Behringer Real Tube Overdrive /distortion pedal with a real vacume tube. Comes with free adapter/power supply....
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stock # 4025 
Radial Tonebone Trimode Distortion Pedal
Price: $269.99
Brand new Tonebone Trimode Pedal with true bypass and real tube overdrive. Two week delivery time....
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stock # 4024 
English Muff'n Overdrive
Price: $165.99
Brand new Electro-Harmonix overdrive pedal with real tubes...
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stock # 4022 
Price: $23.99
Brand new Danelectro Black Coffee distortion pedal with free 6 inch patch cable....
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stock # 4021 
Marshall Bluesbreaker II overdrive pedal
Price: $68.99
Brand new in box Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive pedal....
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stock # 4017 
Marshall Guv'nor plus distortion pedal
Price: $68.99
Brand new in box Marshall Gov'nor pedal...
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stock # 4016 
Three Axl 6 inch cables
Price: $9.89
Three brand new AXL guitar cables...
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stock # 4015 
Bugera 333
Price: $649.99
Brand New Bugera 333 -212 with footswitch...
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stock # 4014 
C.B.I Ultimate Pro Series Cable
Price: $14.00 out of stock
The packaging on this cable says "This is the best cable you can buy"! ...
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stock # 4013 
Johnson mini amp
Price: $28.99
Brand new Johnson mini amplifier for electric guitar....
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stock # 4012 
Very-Tone Dog by Snarling Dogs
Price: $sold (discontinued)
This pedal is very similar to a varitone switch found on a Gibson ES-345. It is basically a notch filter with a pre amp. I was able to get a cool sound like a treble booster with one setting. Also great blues tones!...
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stock # 4011 
Bootzilla bass wah wah
Price: $119.00 Discontinued
Brand new Bootzilla...
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stock # 4010 
Bugera V22
Price: $349.99
Bugera V22 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp...
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stock # 4009 
Behringer Bass Chorus
Price: $29.99
Brand new Behringer Bass Chorus Pedal....
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stock # 4008 
Behringer Bass Overdrive
Price: $27.99
Brand new Behringer Bass Overdrive Pedal....
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stock # 4007 
Quick Tune QT-11
Price: $8.79
Brand New Quick Tune QT-11 for guitar or bass....
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stock # 4004 
Behringer Guitar and Bass Tuner
Price: $28.99discontuned
Behringer Tuner for Guitar and Bass....
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stock # 4003 
Q-parts Skull knobs (set of two)
Price: $22.00
Two brand new skull knobs from Q-parts....
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stock # 4002 
Johnson Powered Pedal Board
Price: $48.00
Brand New Johnson Powered Pedalboard. Includes alot of extras....
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stock # 4000 
13" A Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats
Price: $269.95
Slightly used pair of 13" A Zildjian Hi Hats, includes Free pair of Zildjian 7a sticks. ...
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stock # 3004 
New Zildjian 17' K Custom Hybrid Crash
Price: $259.95
Brand new Zildjian 17' hybrid crash cymbal with FREE shipping and FREE pair of Zildjian 7a sticks....
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stock # 3003 
18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash
Price: $234.95
Demo Model Almost Brand New 18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash includes FREE pair of Black Zildjian 7a sticks....
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stock # 3002 
20" Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride
Price: $299.95
Brand new Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride includes FREE pair of black Zildjian sticks....
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stock # 3001
Price: $Free
Listen to Free Music on
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stock # 2027 
Zildjian T Shirt in Chocolate Brown Large
Price: $14.99
New Zildjian Chocolate Brown Classic T-Shirt -size Large...
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stock # 2025 
Mushroom Shaped Cookies
Price: $3.25
Mini Mushroom Shaped Cookies...
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stock # 2024 
Kasugai Grape Gummy Candy
Price: $3.39
Kasugai Grape Gummy Candy - Japanese Anime Snacks...
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stock # 2023 
Gilco Dark Chocolate Pocky
Price: $2.81
Don't be fooled by the name. This snack is good for women musicians too! Dark Chocolate Pocky....
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stock # 2022 
Modified Les Paul
Price: $sold
Brand New Epiphone Les Paul upgraded and modified in our shop......
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stock # 2021 
Doraemon Chocolate Balls
Price: $2.56
It is good to snack while playing music! These Doraemon chocolate balls are super. ...
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stock # 2018 
Johnson Scavenger Bass
Price: $289.00Discontuned
This brand new Johnson 4 string Bass is great for any style of music but it is really well suited for funk....
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stock # 2017 
Morinaga Strawberry Hi Chew
Price: $1.19
Morinaga Stawberry Chewy Candy...
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stock # 2016 
Vintage Kay arch top jazz guitar
Price: $make offer
great condition eary 50s Kay arch top guitar....
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stock # 2015 
Vintage 1961 Gibson ES_345
Price: $make offer
Rare, Vintage cherry red 1961 ES345 stereo varitone guitar with PAF pickups....
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stock # 2014 
Kona arch top jazz guitar
Price: $inquire
Brand new black Kona jazz guitar with hard case....
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stock # 2013 
Vintage 1956 Gibson ES 225 TD
Price: $4000.00
Amazing condition, All original vintage ES-225-TD with original case....
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stock # 2012 
Dipinto Galaxie 4 Guitar
Price: $699.00
Brand new Dipinto Galaxie 4 guitar with factory hardshell case included....
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stock # 2008 
Vintage 1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean
Price: $4800.00
1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins near mint!...
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stock # 2007 
Vintage 1952 Gibson ES350
Price: $Make Offer
Vintage 1952 Gibson ES350 with Bigsby and hard case....
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stock # 2006 
Behringer Bass Pack
Price: $169.99Discontuned
Brand New Behringer All you need to start playing bass guitar pack....
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stock # 2004 
Dipinto Galaxie 4 Guitar
Price: $Call for price.
Brand new Dipinto Galaxie 4 with hard case....
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stock # 2002 
Ibanez EDB400 Bass Guitar
Price: $sold
Brand new Ibanez EDB Bass Guitar with FREE strap....
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stock # 2000 
Mapex Black Panther Snare
Price: $329.99
Brand New Mapex Black Panther Snare model number BPWT4550WN. Complete walnut shell with smoky black chrome rims & hardware. Size 14 x 5.5....
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stock # 1001 
kontol kuda
Price: $666
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stock # 666 
Price: $100
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stock # 120 
Price: $23
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stock # 2 
Price: $23
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stock # 2 
Price: $123.00
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stock # 2 
Price: $23
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stock # 2